Should You Be Suspicious of the Person You Are Dating?

January 18, 2019

When you got back into the dating world, what were your expectations?

For some women and men, they look at the dating world with much excitement and anticipation. For others, they may be relieved once their date is over with.

No matter what you expect out of getting back into dating, your top priority should always be your safety.

Whether a woman or a man, it is important to not let your guard down. Doing so could put you in compromising position.

With that being the case, should you be suspicious of the person you are dating?

Look for Certain Signs

In your efforts to stay as safe as possible, remember to look for any signs that seem suspicious to you.

Among them:

  1. Not forthcoming – Often, two people will start out by talking online or even over the phone. This is what typically happens in the world of online dating. It can also be the case when you introduced to someone through a family member or friend. No matter how you met the individual, be sure to see that they are forthcoming. While you do not need their life story after one conversation, you do want them to be upfront with you. If they seem to be holding something back or something they say seems out of whack, think twice. So, after a discussion or two, are things not adding up with the person you are considering dating? Could it even be as serious as one having a criminal record? If left wondering do you have a warrant out for your arrest, steering clear of them is the right thing to do. If they volunteer info that they do in fact have a criminal record, it is up to you to decide how serious of an issue this is.
  2. Availability – While people can get busy, one only available at some hours is strange. For example, they tell you they are not available on weekends. Having said this, they do not claim to be working then or have other important commitments. They might also note they can only talk on the phone at certain times of the day. Anything that seems strange to you should grab your attention.
  3. Never mention family or friends – Dating one who never mentions family or friends is also a red flag. While some people do have a limited circle of family and friends, saying they have none is suspicious. You can ask them why they never mention others in their life. If they seem threatened or do not provide a satisfactory answer, think twice. Do you really want to be with them moving forward?

As you would protect your family from outside threats, you need to do the same for you.

With that in mind, be suspicious of someone in your dating world when things do not add up.

So, is dating all you thought it was mean to be or are you having some reservations moving forward?