Top 5 Things You Should Know When Moving Interstate

January 2, 2019

Moving to a new place is always a stressful situation, even if it’s just around the corner. When you talk about moving interstate, it becomes way more chaotic and challenging. Add to that little one, both two-legged and four-legged ones,and your preparations will seem more pressing.

But there are also many ways to go around the disorder during a move. Careful planning and organization can help you turn a busy few weeks into a smooth sailing situation.

If you want to join in on the fun when moving interstate, here are five tips you should know.

  1. Book Your Movers

One of the most crucial steps to ensure an easy move will be locked down your movers. Search for trusted yet cheap removalists in Sydney like Bill Removalists Sydney to help you with the whole process of moving. When you book ahead of time, you can get better deals. Take advantage of planning early and asking for quotations, so you prepare better for the costs.

  1. Keep An Ongoing List

Another important stage during any move is to organize everything. Make a list whether on your journal or your phone to take note of necessary information. Start with the main checklist of things to do and when to have it done. Follow it up with an inventory of your entire belongings. Having this information written somewhere allows you, and somehow even forces you, to stay organized. You can even choose to write it on a large whiteboard so you can easily see it in your home. The point is that you have a guide to follow so you can do something about it.

  1. Prepare The Supplies

If you want to save up on costs during the move, opt to pack your belongings yourself. For this, you will need a complete set of supplies such as boxes, plastic wraps, trash bags, scissors, and tape. You can ask your close friends and family to help you out by hosting a packing or moving day party. To learn more tricks, visit and read more on ways to pack your furniture properly.

  1. Pack Smart

If you do decide to pack your belongings without any professional help, you will need to do it smartly and purposely. A team of expert packers can certainly do the job faster, but if you want to save a few cash, keep these things in mind.

  • Use large containers and bags to store in smaller objects. Don’t keep them empty.
  • Be organized in packing items inside boxes. Place heavier objects at the bottom and lighter ones on top.
  • Use bed sheets and towels to wrap around furniture to protect it from any damage during the move. Secure it with plastic wrap to prevent any shifting.
  • Disassemble larger furniture before wrapping them up.
  1. Make Detailed Plans For Your Move

You should consider making a separate plan specifically for your move. Write down details such as your traveling distance, what time you need to leave, reservation of accommodations along the way, food,and drinks during the drive, or booking local flights. All of this information needs to be carefully planned so you can have a worry-free move.

Final Thoughts

Moving interstate is much more trying, so you need to be smarter when dealing with situations during this time. If you plan early, there is more time to adjust and less time to worry.