Wedding Games and Fun Activities Your Guests Will Love

August 25, 2019

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life and in order to remember it for always you do not want to leave any stone unturned. You were waiting for long to make this day a success. You have arranged drinks, delicious food and a wonderful venue that your guests will never forget. In addition to all this, you can arrange funny wedding games and a couple other fun activities to make this day more happening. Although, wedding games are certainly not the norm, but even then they are gaining popularity. When you are outdoor you have plenty of space, your guests will also take part in fun activities with enthusiasm. Wonderful climate, mouthwatering delicacies and fun activities will make your guests enjoy every bit of it.

Wedding reception lawn games


Do you know anyone who does not want to play block-stacking game Jenga? Take yourself out from the traditional tabletop version and play it with life-size blocks. The best place to play this game is your lawn where your family and friends will build something and destroy. You need to arrange it before your wedding day.

Corn a whole

You may have heard about this popular game. This is a perfect outdoor game for those people who want to take part in fun activities. This is an opportunity for creative couples. They can use wood grain paint to match their rustic style. You can include beanbags painted in a creative way to show your connection to your hometown.

Shoe Game

This is one of the favoritegames; bride and groom have to sit back to back facing their guests. The bride will take two shoes in her hand one is of her groom’s and the other one is her own. The same groom has to do. Host will ask questions and they have to show the shoe as the answer. You can set 15 minutes to play the shoe game. You can include several questions.

  • Who is short tempered?
  • Who initiated and made the first move?
  • Who has a better dressing sense?
  • Who is good at cooking?
  • Who secured better grades in high school?
  • Who is better at kissing?

Although, your guests will not take part in this game, but they will laugh as bride and groom will answer the questions. While playing funny wedding games, your guests will spend qualitytime, which they never had contemplated before.